Commitment and
constant innovation

Giving a decisive impulse to the evolution of the industrial insulation sector worldwide, through innovative, exclusive, rigorous and customized solutions.

How we make our products

We develop highly innovative products: constantly investing in the activity of our laboratory for the definition of new production techniques.

We daily commit ourselves to make unique molds for each individual item of our customers.

We work with the customer: to be able to improve every little detail.

We insist on precision: each product must correspond exactly to the requests and needs.

Our strengths

We always provide new solutions in step with the creation of new items by our customers; we are able to create customized insulation for each of their products, thus increasing its intrinsic value.

We are looking for new insulating materials that guarantee the right level of insulation for each type of product, thus reducing heat loss and the use of excess energy.

We are always on the wave of innovation in order to anticipate the new and increasing needs of the market, in continuous evolution, in which we operate.

We believe in respecting the environment by using primarily recyclable products and promoting the reduction of heat/energy loss through proper insulation.

The history of the company

Cozzi Srl was born in 1987 on the initiative of Mr. Ambrogio Cozzi.
At the beginning, production concerned about shoe’s components, especially insoles for shoes.
Since many years ago, following the market requests, Cozzi Srl realizes thermoformated “shells” in expanded polyethylene, able to satisfy all problems concerning cover and isolation.
From smaller thermostatic valves to conditioning and cooling equipments, every product of Cozzi’s large range, is know and appreciated for quality and reliability.
This production, always in constant rise, is justified by business strategies based on specialization, search, innovations of products and technologies.


Business Name: Cozzi srl

P.IVA/CF: 08891290150

R.E.A. Number: MI-1252587

Share Capital € 10.400,00 i.v.

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